Megan Fox Proves She Has The Body Of An Angel

Megan Fox has long been admired for her gorgeous figure, beautiful face and ability to model Armani underwear like no one else.

And now the former Transformers actress has proved that she really does have the body of an angel in her new movie, Passion Play.

If you haven’t heard of the film then that’s not surprising as it was panned by critics and went straight to DVD release.

However, there is no doubt about it, Megan looks incredible as Lily, a sideshow act known as the Bird Woman. Wearing just a tiny pair of white knickers, Megan cradles her breasts and shows off an amazing pair of angel’s wings.

Starring opposite Mickey Rouke, Megan has yet again wowed with her flawless figure. Jealous much?!

Source: Entertainment Wise

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