1. It’s too bad that Megan isn’t going to portray Elizabeth Taylor, she would have been perfection at it! 🙂 Speaking of movie ideas though – a cyber friend of mine brought a film idea to my attention and I agree. We think a re-make of the fantasy action adventure flick Sinbad would be awesome! This time the lead of Sinbad would be played by Orlando Bloom with Megan as Maeve his leading lady and member of his crew. I’m going by the television series The Legend of Sinbad where Maeve was a raven haired beauty of magic who owned a mystical Hawk. Here’s another movie idea – a romantic comedy where Megan and Kate Bosworth play best friend’s who are unaware that they are dating the same guy, a cheeky cad played by Orlando of course. I think it would be sexy and cute. 🙂 Megan, Kate and Orlando are three of my faves, and I just think that they would be adorable working together. 🙂

  2. I love those ideas for Megan! Lioness, I have been following you and your friend’s over at Kate-Bosworth.Org. I like Kate and I wanted to join the talk but I didn’t know how to jump in. Megan is my favorite actress! I think she is more beautiful then Elizabeth Taylor was. That romance movie sounds cute and I would love to see her in a movie like Sinbad! Maybe we can talk more about Megan. This site is the best site for Megan fans.

  3. Megan, Orlando and Julia Stiles would be the perfect trio in that romantic comedy as well! I think Megan and Julia would make two beautiful headstrong best friend’s whose lives turn upside down by Orlando’s sexy handsome cad character. And again, Megan with Orlando in Sinbad would make for a fun summer flick!!! 🙂

  4. Thanx Harmony, for liking the movie ideas for Megan! 🙂 I think we fans of Megan should chat more and discuss film ideas for our fave actress! I also think we should discuss other career ideas for her as well, like Megan having her own fashion line, cosmetics line and even her own fragrance! Other female celebs are out there promoting their own lucrative merchandise, why not Megan! With her exotic beauty and unique style, Megan Fox has so many possibilties career wise for her future! I would luv to see Hollywood have Megan and Orlando in Sinbad! What a hot couple they would make in my opinion on screen and off! 😉 This site is one of the best for our girl and I’m looking forward to chatting more with fellow Megan fans! 🙂

  5. Megan and Orlando would be hot! They would be so much better together then the people they are currently with. I wish Megan did have her own line of marketing. To me, the Megan Fox look should be the goal of every Megan female fan. It’s mine. 🙂

  6. The Sinbad and Maeve characters were hot together! Orlando and Megan would sizzle on the screen together in that movie! They’d be sexy and cute in a romantic comedy too! OMG, can you imagine how sexy they’d be as a real couple?! Two major hottie sweethearts in Hollywood!!! If Megan does start having her own fashion, cosmetics and fragrances – I’ll buy, I’ll buy, I’ll buy!!!!!!!!

  7. I’d buy too Kendra! 🙂 What woman wouldn’t pay all she could to obtain the Megan Fox look! 🙂 I would luv to see Megan and Orlando paired up in Hollywood! Let’s face it, Brian and Miranda are way too boring for them. On the movie subject, I also can see Megan playing Cleopatra in a film. I think she’d be super sexy and perfect for the role. She’d make the perfect Wonder Woman, but superhero roles tend to get an actress or actor typecast afterward, so even though she looks the part she might want to steer clear of it. Poor Tom Welling got majorly typecast, I believe, because of Smallville and it’s too bad because he’s a good actor with good looks. Like I mentioned before, I would really like to see Megan promote her own fragrance. Maybe we fans could come up with some fragrance names for her just for fun. Here’s my first tries – FOXY, the fragrance by Megan Fox. Or maybe something away from her name like, INFATUATE, the fragrance by Megan Fox. Oh well, like I said, just for fun. 🙂

  8. Brian and Miranda are totally snoozeville. Orlando and Megan would be sexy and a Hollywood power couple! Sinbad would be such an awesome flick with the two of them. Megan would make the perfect Wonder Woman, but you’re right about typecasting problems. Tom Welling deserves better then to be typecast to one role. I’ll try a fragrance name. How’s this : SIREN, the fragrance by Megan Fox. I don’t think there’s a fragrance already called that. Is there? I don’t think so. Anyway, that’s my shot. Hee-Hee. 🙂

  9. Paris Hilton has a Siren fragrance out already, but Megan’s would be so much better. Orlando has never been with a woman who was his equal. Kate Bosworth is way too childish and Miranda Kerr is way too materialistic. Megan Fox would be his equal. Megan deserves a man so much more sexy and interesting then Brian ‘boring’ Green. That Sinbad adventure flick should be in Megan and Orlando’s future. That’s this fan’s opinion.

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