Megan Fox

General Basics & Summary

Name: Megan Fox
Birth Name: Megan Denise Fox
Nickname: Mega Fox & Foxy Megan
Sign: Taurus
Height: 5′ 5″ (1.65 m)
Sex: F
Nationality: American
Birth Date: May 16, 1986
Birth Place: Rockwood, Tennessee, USA
Siblings: older sister
Fiance: Brian Austin Green
Favourite Music: Nirvana and Morley Crue, The Strokes, the Beastie Boys
Sports She Practices: swimming, basketball, tennis, volleyball, golf
Profession: Actress & Model

Megan Denise Fox (born May 16, 1986) is an American actress and model. After having a successful career as a model, Fox launched her acting career in 2001, in which she played a supporting role as Brianna Wallace in Holiday In The Sun, starring opposite Ashley Olsen.

Fox then guest starred in various television series, including What I Like About You, Two and a Half Men, The Help, Ocean Ave. and Hope and Faith.

In 2004, Fox went on to have a film career starring opposite Lindsay Lohan in Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen. Her most successful films include Crimes Of Fashion (2004), How to Lose Friends & Alienate People (2007) and Whore (2008). Fox’s breakout role was playing Mikaela Banes, Shia Labeouf’s character’s love interest in the 2007 blockbuster film Transformers, a role for which Fox won and was nominated for various Teen Choice Awards. Her upcoming films include the sequel to Transformers, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen,Jennifer’s Body, Jonah Hex, and The Crossing,


Fox was born in Oak Ridge, Tennessee to Darlene Tonachio, former Roane County, Tennessee Tourism Director and Franklin Foxx. Fox’s father dropped an “x” from his surname. Fox has one older sister. She is of Irish, French and Native American ancestry. Fox grew up in nearby Rockwood, Tennessee and she began her training in drama and dance at age five, in Kingston, Tennessee. She attended a dance class at the community center there and was involved in Kingston Elementary School’s chorus and the Kingston Clippers swim team. At 10-years-old, after moving to St. Petersburg, Florida, Fox continued her training. She attended Morningside Academy, a private Christian school, in Port St. Lucie, during her middle school years and finished her high school education at St. Lucie West Centennial High School, in Port St. Lucie.


Megan Fox at Hollywood Life Magazine’s 7th Annual Breakthrough Awards

At age 16, Fox launched her career after winning several awards at the 1999 American Modeling and Talent Convention in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.

Fox made her film debut in the 2001 film Holiday in the Sun as the spoiled heiress Brianna Wallace and rival of Alex Stewart (Ashley Olsen). She then landed guest appearances on Ocean Ave., What I Like About You, Two and a Half Men and The Help from 2003 to 2004. In 2004, Fox starred in Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen alongside Lindsay Lohan. She was later cast in a recurring role on the television series Hope & Faith, in which she portrayed Sydney Shanowski from 2004 through 2006.

Fox’s big break came when she acquired the lead female role of Mikaela Banes in the 2007 live-action film Transformers, based on the toy and cartoon saga of the same name. She played the love interest of Shia LaBeouf’s character Sam Witwicky. In June 2007, Fox was cast in How to Lose Friends & Alienate People, starring alongside Jeff Bridges, Simon Pegg and Kirsten Dunst. The character Fox portrayed is that of a young Hollywood starlet getting her first taste of fame. The film premiered in October 2008, and she has signed on for two more Transformers sequels.

As a model, Fox has been featured in the men’s magazines FHM, GQ and Maxim. FHM voted her the “Sexiest Woman in the World” in 2008.

Fox is working with Amanda Seyfried and Adam Brody in Diablo Cody’s second feature film titled Jennifer’s Body, which is due to be released in 2009.

There was some controversy surrounding Fox’s appearance while filming the sequel of Transformers when Michael Bay, the movie’s director, ordered the actress to gain 10 pounds.

Warner Bros. chose Megan Fox as the clear front-runner replacement for actress Angelina Jolie in the third “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider” franchise movie, but Fox turned down the role.

Personal Life

Fox has been involved with actor Brian Austin Green of Beverly Hills, 90210 and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles fame since 2004, having first met on the set of Hope & Faith. It was claimed that the couple had ended their relationship in February 2009, however, Fox has confirmed that they are still together.

In a frank interview with GQ Magazine, Fox claimed that she once fell in love and sought to establish a relationship with a female stripper when she was 18 years old. Fox used the experience to illustrate her belief that, “…all humans are born with the ability to be attracted to both sexes.” On 14 May 2009, Fox stated that she is bisexual.

Fox has nine tattoos, including a poem on her ribcage, a Chinese word for strength on her neck, the name “Brian” on her hip, and a picture of Marilyn Monroe’sface on her right arm. She also has one on her right shoulder that reads, “We will all laugh at gilded butterflies,” a line adapted from William Shakespeare’s play King Lear.

Facts & Trivias

  • Named #68 in FHM magazine’s “100 Sexiest Women in the World 2006” supplement. (2006).
  • Ranked #18 on the Maxim magazine Hot 100 of 2007 list.
  • She has Irish, French and Cherokee ancestry.
  • Is friends with Jennifer Blanc, Kellan Rhude, Amanda Seyfried, and Michael Biehn.
  • Ranked #17 on interview magazines Hollywood faces to watch “Future Stars of Tomorrow”.
  • She was voted #1 sexiest woman by FHM readers for 2008.
  • Ranked #16 on the Maxim magazine Hot 100 of 2008 list.
  • Is both a fan of comic books and video games. Her favorite artist is the recently deceased Michael Turner.
  • Is a huge fan of animals and has owned dogs, cats, birds, squirrels and a pig.
  • Names Shia LaBeouf as one of her favorite people ever.
  • Was ranked #1 on Moviefone’s ‘The 25 Hottest Actors Under 25′(2008).
  • She and Brian Austin Green got back together in April 2009.
  • Ranked #2 on the Maxim magazine Hot 100 of 2009 list.
  • Her Irish ancestors were from County Tipperary, one of the first Irish counties to be established in the 13th century.
  • She has a quote from William Shakespeare’s ‘King Lear’ tattooed on her right shoulder that reads: “We will all laugh at gilded butterflies.”.
  • First ever female to grace GoreZone Magazine’s front cover.
  • Lives in Los Angeles, California.
  • Her natural hair color is a lighter shade of brown, but she often dyes it black.
  • Engaged to Brian Austin Green for the second time [June 17, 2010].
  • Married Brian Austin Green in a sunset ceremony on a beach in Hawaii with his son Kassius as their only witness.
  • Was ranked #5 on Maxim magazine’s Hot 100 of 2010 list.
  • Has a fear of the dark and flying.
  • Was voted Number 49 on the Askmen top 99 most desirable women of 2011.


  • I guess I see a resemblance between us two, but I want to become my own person.
  • I really enjoy having sex, and that’s offensive to some people. Women are the quickest to call other women sluts, which is sad. I haven’t met a lot of men who’ve said, “You like having sex? What a dirty whore you are!”. That’s because they wish their wives or girlfriends would have more sex with them.
  • I just had an incredible amount of empathy for her my whole life. I cry when I see her on camera.
  • People who don’t like me talk about it as though I’m trash because I have tattoos. I find that insane because it’s 2008, not the 1950s. Tattoos aren’t limited to sailors. It’s a form of art I find beautiful. I love it.
  • I didn’t get along with Lindsay Lohan on Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen, but you have to consider that we were 16-year-old girls. I haven’t seen Lindsay since then, but I imagine she’s grown and become a different person. I know I have. From what I’ve experienced, women aren’t good friends to one another. When guys want to hang out with you because your personality is badass, women immediately hate you.
  • I don’t think I’ve ever seen anybody commit to a character the way that he did. He makes really outrageous choices and it’s great when everybody else on the set is making more subdued ones and he goes with it and convinces us that it’s brilliant afterwards.
  • I have the libido of a 15-year-old boy. My sex drive is so high. I’d rather have sex with Brian all the time than leave the house. He doesn’t mind.
  • Because I looked older than her, she’d be nice to my face so I would buy her cigarettes. We got away with it every time.
    Is there anything wrong with you?
  • I’m horrible to live with. I don’t clean. My clothes end up wherever I take them off. I forget to flush the toilet. Friends will tell me, “Megan, you totally pinched a loaf in my toilet and didn’t flush.”
  • When I was 14, I thought I was the coolest kid in school because I told everyone the jokes in FHM.
  • I didn’t get along with Lindsay Lohan on Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen, but you have to consider that we were 16-year-old girls. I haven’t seen Lindsay since then, but I imagine she’s grown and become a different person. I know I have. From what I’ve experienced, women aren’t good friends to one another. When guys want to hang out with you because your personality is badass, women immediately hate you.
  • Lindsay and I weren’t the best of friends.
  • [on working with Michael Bay] Michael Bay’s name, if it’s attached to a script, you know it’s going to be a huge blockbuster released in the summer, with jets flying over at the premiere and all that kind of stuff. So, I knew it was going to be a huge movie.
  • [on George Clooney] He’s sarcastic, and he has a different girlfriend constantly. It’s considered charismatic. He’s like this James Bond, sexy dude. The older he gets, the better he gets. It’s a double standard. To be outspoken, or different at all, is a problem for women. As soon as you curse or, God forbid, make some sort of sexual reference that’s a joke, you’re labeled a party girl. They don’t do that with men, so I feel it would be a lot easier.
  • [Director Michael Bay] doesn’t like really skinny actresses. He’s been traumatized by them for some reason in the past. So I always try to put on eight to ten pounds before [filming], and I’m always the fattest I’ve ever been when making a Transformers (2007) movie.
  • [on her Marilyn Monroe tattoo] I committed to having her face on my arm for the rest of my life, so I have to be a pretty big fan.
  • I don’t want to have to go on talk shows and pull out every single Sat word I’ve ever learned, to prove, like, ‘Take me seriously, I am intelligent, I can speak.’ I don’t want to have to do that. I resent having to prove that I’m not a retard.
  • Wonder Woman is lame. She flies around in an invisible jet, but she’s not invisible. I don’t get it.
  • Olivia Wilde is so sexy she makes me want to strangle a mountain ox with my bare hands. She’s mesmerizing.



  • 2008 MTV Movie Awards
    – Breakthrough Performance for Transformers (2007)
  • 2007 National Movie Awards, UK
    – Best Performance by a Female for Transformers (2007)
  • 2007 Teen Choice Awards
    – Choice Movie Actress: Action Adventure for Transformers (2007)
    – Choice Movie: Breakout Female for Transformers (2007)
    – Choice Movie: Liplock for Transformers (2007) > Shared with Shia LaBeouf
  • 2005 Young Artist Awards
    – Best Performance in a TV Series (Comedy or Drama) – Supporting Young Actress for “Hope & Faith” (2003)



  1. Love with roses, and respect trough heart. I loved your TV-show of Vikings.

  2. Just saw you on the Kelly Clarkson son & as a nurse & thyroid cancer survivor, I suggest you get your thyroid checked. There is a visible lump – hopefully you have had it checked & it is not concerning. Best wishes.
    Debbi Faight

  3. Any place to send fan mail that Megan might read ? wanted to add to a conversation I had with her last week…thanks

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