1. Our girl Megan’s beauty is unmatchable! No other actress can illuminate glamour the way Megan can! This Armani shoot is real Hollywood glam personified! In my opinion, Megan belongs in the high class category of starlet beauty alongside such Hollywood legends as Vivien Leigh, Hedy Lamarr and of course Elizabeth Taylor! This particular photo of Megan captures her screen siren persona. I’m very proud to call myself a Megan Fox fan! Megan is one of the silver screen’s most beautiful actresses who exudes class and grace. Our girl Megan just plain rules it!!!! 🙂

  2. I agree. What a beautiful shot. I think Megan is even more beautiful then Marilyn Monroe. I like that lipstick shade.

  3. So very true guys. Foxy Megan is one serious starlet hottie! She’s absolutely one of my most fave actresses! My boyfriend loves her too! Come to think of it, Megan would be the only one I would share my boyfriend with! Hee-Hee! 😉

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