1. Hey Megan fans, let’s face it, nobody rocks the classic little black dress like our girl Megan!! 🙂 I have to say it bothers me though, that one of the movie posters of this film doesn’t have Megan on it! I don’t understand why the film’s promoters would allow such a stupid move like that! If anyone belongs on the movie posters for this production, it’s Megan! Afterall, she has the fan base of all fan base’s! Megan would be the only reason to see this film!! Megan rules the starlet world of Hollywood, so wake up “powers that be” in tinsletown and don’t ever make the mistake of cutting our girl out of her movie posters again! Megan deserves more respect then that! Quite simply, and simply put. 🙂

  2. I simply agree with you. Hee-Hee. 🙂 I love her dress. She looks every bit a screen siren in it.

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