Interview Megan Fox

April O’Neil is your figure worn as an entertainment fee for their teenfresh beauty.This should look familiarHave you had similar bad experiences

Fox: I was constantly automatically called stupid. Probably because I was posingin a bikini. People were surprised when they then hit me and I did not soundcompletely stupidBut that’s unfortunately many actresses in Hollywood like that. 
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Does that make you angry? 

Fox: I’m so not really a problemI do not have to prove to myself that I‘m smart. I know that. And my self-esteem has risen once again powerful, since I have kids

Twoto be exactAnd you have also taken out two years. Mama Meganhow has it changed your life

FoxIn every imaginable formIf you have pressed two kids out of itselfthen onecan shake anything. I used to be afraid of the cameranow no more. I am alsobecome much more spiritual. Because it is simply impossible that I have notknown my two sons ever been in a previous lifeTheir souls and my have just toosolid bandas that we might know us only a few months

You have grown up as a ChristianIn a fundamentalist church where you  as it is called  in tongues” is speaking. 

FoxYesmy parents were ultrareligious. In particular, my fatherIt was veryuncomfortable for meBut then my parents got divorced when I was five. Mystepfather was indeed severe, has made ​​religion not muchHe was also the one tobe me in my dream actresshas the most support

Where do you stand today religious? 

Fox: I’m very openThere is no religion that I follow strictly. I like the teachings of BuddhismI meditate a lotOn the other hand, I go to churchI would be best described as an esoteric Christian. 

The name of her elder son Bodhi is very unusual. What’s behind it

FoxBodhi is a term use the BuddhistsIt means spiritual awakening orenlightenmentBuddha sat under a Bodhi tree when he recognized the importanceof human lifeWhen my baby growing in my bellyI felt that he is looking forsomething importantHence the name fit

Bodhi (6 months)his brother Noah (is in September 2)stepson Kassius (11) andher husband Brian (Austin Green  known from Beverly Hills 90210”) are in themale majority. If you feel as a woman not sometimes lonely furrow

Fox: Not at all. I feel like the queen beethe matriarch of the tribe. I have created afamily of which I know they will take care of meI am always protected.

But you do not want but secretly a daughter as a reinforcement

Fox: Yes. I am the princess in the houseWith a little girl I would have to share the limelightAnd anyway, I love Boys. Of these, one can not have enough

Because more children are planned? 

FoxIf God or the universe providing for mewhy notI like to be pregnant and to put babies in the worldMotherhood is often a bit hectic and chaotic, but I feel that I am destined

You must have children and having a careerHow hard is that? 

Fox: I am in the fortunate position that one film per year, enough to support myfamily financiallyThank GodBecause it is difficult for me to leave my kids at home backIt hurts reallyto be separated from my baby

Taking as a parent to other roles than before? 

Fox: Yes. I want the same rolesThere can never be too dark or too sleazy for me.Even when my sons were to see the movies as a teenager laterNo matter, they will keep their mom always cool

Is the cool mom actually a fan of social networking

Foxnot at all. I did not even have a Twitter accountI‘m theoretically account on Facebook, but do not even know my password

Why not

FoxThat keeps my management under wrapsI tend namely to react veryemotionally to certain thingsMy manager is afraid that at night I let go of an angrytirade on FacebookThat would not be good for the image

Two children in two years and your character can not be seen in itHow does it work

Fox: I had to change my dietI leave out sugar and breadThis is hard in the beginning because there are addictive substancesBut after a week diminishes the desireI eat mainly protein-rich foods such as fishThese tons of fruits with lots offiber such as apples and pears and lots of vegetables

What about sports

FoxBut unfortunately I have two small children no timeYou keep me constantlybusy. I have a personal trainer who once rannimmt me the correct week for twohours. Endurance and strengthAfter that I‘m always totally ready

Have you housewifely qualities

FoxI cook for the kidsbut I‘m not a gourmet cook. Scrambled eggs or tomatosoup I get out wellCleaning is not my thingI leave my clothes lying aroundeverywhereThis makes my husband crazyHe is a clean freakCleans alwaysafter me. 

As a wise reporter Aprilwhich intelligent questions would you ask Megan Fox

Fox: I would ask“What does your soul to study and cope Why are you here on earth and what is to accomplish your life What are your specific personalchallenges in lifefor example, insecurityvanity, or anger??” Most people do not want to go so deep insideBut I find that answers to these questions are theclearest understanding of who the person is.

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