Megan Fox Talks ‘TMNT’ Sequels; Wants James Cameron’s Help To Make ‘Fathom’

The best thing about sitting down for an interview with Megan Fox is that you can expect the unexpected. While many an actor’s approach to the movie promotion press circuit is to stay “on message” and recycle the same stories and answers over and over again, Fox candidly speaks her mind and is smart and funny about it.

In the revamped Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fox plays aspiring intrepid news reporter April O’Neil, on the hunt for an actual story to investigate instead of covering fluffy topics like fitness trends. O’Neil finds her story in the Turtles of course which, ultimately, doesn’t matter career-wise because she can’t tell anyone about them… until the sequel?

Speaking of which, when Screen Rant sat down with Fox recently we discussed how many Turtles movies she’s signed on for, as well as how O’Neil’s special brand of journalism differs from that of typical movie reporters, why Michaelangelo would be the most fun to date, and when/if we’re ever going to see her cinematic take on Fathom. Hint: Yes, but it might require the involvement of James Cameron? Read on to find out why.

The stereotype I hate in movies is when all the journalists sleep with their sources…

Oh interesting. Well, that would be difficult in this situation, we’d have like a weird inter-species thing happening, I don’t know if people are ready.

I did ask Will Arnett if his character Vern or Michelangelo would be more fun on a date…

Definitely Michelangelo without a doubt, it’s not even a question.

Why because his sense of humor?

He’s funny, he doesn’t take himself too seriously. Vern’s too trying-to-be-a-cool-guy, disingenuous, wants to take her to a fancy restaurant. That’s not what Mikey would do, Mikey would put me on his back, we’d go skateboarding, sit under the bridge, eat some pizza, listen to music.

Of course Will said Vern would be the better date.

Of course. And he’s wrong.

Did you get to do any riding on the back of turtles?

[Laughs] You mean in real life?

Not in real life, while you were filming with the stunt sequences and such.

Well you mean the actual actors who were playing the turtles? There’s that scene where Mikey is holding me, that’s the closest thing I got to riding on a turtle’s back. Then there are a few times where Raph had to throw me over his shoulder and carried me around, I don’t know if that made it into the movie I can’t remember, same with Leo he had to hold me and run me through a room with gunfire, I also don’t know if that made the movie but we did it a few times.

You’ve done a few films with surreal production elements, but was there something especially surreal about this one? Like standing around among a bunch of guys in mocap suits with dots on their faces?

Well that’s always weird but there was also this day we were filming outside using a lot of fake snow because the real snow had long dried up because it was the middle of summer, but it was so hot the snow was catching on fire and we were out there doing stunts and dodging bullets. As much as I wanted to complain I couldn’t, I would never dare because we had all these that were playing Foot Soldiers who were wrapped up like mummies head to toe in full black doing stunts all day and there was fire on the ground because it was so hot, so that was intense and weird and crazy.

How many of these movies would you like to do? How many are you signed up for?

How many am I signed up for is a good question, probably 100 because I would sign any contract to be a part of the movie but I don’t know. Right now there is no real plan for a second one, I think we’ll know very soon though and I’ll definitely do it if they will have me. This turned out really well, way better than I could have ever hoped.

Last question, what’s the status of Fathom?

Who knows, that’s a property I got my hands on, thank God, because I was a fan of the comic books and I love Michael Turner bless him, he’s passed on, but I don’t know. I was joking the other day because I forget how old she is but she’s mid-20s and I’m passing that soon so we gotta jump on that horse quickly if we’re going to do it. Logistically it’s just difficult because a lot of that takes place under water so unless James Cameron is going to direct it I don’t know how we’re going to make it happen.

I think you could persuade him to consider…

I doubt it but I’ll try. I’ll start Tweeting at him.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles hits theaters August 8, 2014.

Source: Screen Rant

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