The ‘Hex’ on Fox

“I don’t think I’m hideous or unattractive,” actress Megan Fox told “Extra” during a junket for her upcoming film, “Jonah Hex.” “I just like to pretend in my mind I’m more attractive than I am, so seeing pictures confirms I’m wrong.”

But Fox has no problem playing Josh Brolin‘s sexy, gun-toting prostitute girlfriend in the new shoot ’em up Western.

“I do like playing that because it’s nothing like what I actually am. I’m actually really vulnerable,” the actress admits.

Co-star Brolin has a theory on how Fox maintains her allure. “She’s not out drinking, going to rehab and doing all those things.”

Brolin also defends Megan against rumors that diva behavior cost her the “Transformers” gig — calling her a stand-up woman who “once in a while will say something that is so exploited and blown out of proportion that it makes us as readers perceive her as something that she’s not.”

“Jonah Hex” opens in theaters June 18.

Source: ExtraTV

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