The Good, The Bad and The Different of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Some minor and major spoilers came out of a promotional Paramount UK screening today via TFW2005 and The Transformers Live Action Movie Blog.

And I meant to only read the minor spoilers but god dammit I ended up reading the major ones, now I’m pissed.

If you go looking, you may not like what you find, to quote William Stryker.

Damn it all to hell…

I have to relate to you, before we get to the spoilers, a favorite Transformers memory of mine. I hate to admit it but I did not see the 1986 animated film until I was an adult, I know, I’m sorry but that’s just how it is. Anyway, I watched it with my husband and a good friend who was an avid Transformers fan. I remember maybe about 20 minutes in, I said out loud, “wow, this sounds a lot like Rocky IV.”

I specifically remember our good friend absolutely cracking up. I asked why and I was informed that Vince DiCola, who did the music on the film was also the music man behind Rocky IV. By the way, he also did Staying Alive, yep, and that’s why he hasn’t worked since the 80’s.


Here’s a rundown of The Good, The Bad and The Different from Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, some minor spoilers, one major.
Best Lines from the film

The Twins “That hurt” – “It’s an ass kicking, it’s supposed to”
The Twins “Maybe he’s just a pussy!”
The Twins when they see Devastator “Look at that mother f*BANG*”
Jetfire (when hanger doors won’t open) “Oh bollocks!”
Jetfire “I’m too old for this crap!”


SUPERB Special effects, truely amazing

The music score is great again, some lovely chior pieces

Optimus is solid, really kicks ass – As does Bumblebee when he tries!

Action, action, action!

Some lovely moments between Starscream and Megatron


Sam’s mum getting stoned – Really annoying pointless scene

Alice – Pointless character and waste of screentime

And I am very, very, VERY sorry to say – Devastator. Totally pointless him being in the film. He doesn’t get involved in the final battle and Simmons bringing him down is very WTF, by far Devastator biggest let down in movie

When Sam dies and goes to Autobot heaven – WTF???


(I have a pretty good photographic memory but I may be wrong)

Bumblebee never says “what is your purpose Sam” like in the Showest footage – I might be wrong about this one

Some of the Showest sections are different takes in final film

The military guy saying “Looks exactly like a truck” not in movie

Source: IESB

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