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  1. hi megan fox my name is andries price im your biggest fan i like you on transformers movies so good news megan fox i had transformers birthday party i had a great time so megan fox are you will try vibrating machine it will shake you very fast and your voice will vibrate you going to love it so megan fox can you were dark blue jeans for me you are awesome sexy beautiful and hot so are you coming back for transformers 7 that will be a great woman you are so i will see you on transformers 7 and transformers 8 and bumblebee 2 and transformers optimus prime spinoff you are going to have some fan so megan fox write me back and megan fox i love you

  2. Hey i have to Speak with Meggy Foxy …. time to me to come ?. im the most wanted, im Karel alias Zeus how Re u doing.👽👽👽 We have to talk seriously about the Destiny of Humanity… I wait for ur answer…

    Your truly friend,

    Karel 😁

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