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by Grace

If you have any recent news, pictures, media stuffs, please don’t hesitate to contact me with these fills below and full credit will be given.

Before you fill up the blanks, these are some guidelines you need to know:
• I am not Megan Fox so do not send me any fanmail.
• I am not related to Megan Fox nor i am her management.
• Contribution are always welcome.
• No Graphics requests or by asking how to make them.

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Jana Radaeva September 29, 2015 - 3:37 am

Dear Megan!
AST Publishing House is the biggest publisher at Russia and on territory former USSA. We`re making more then 10 000 new titles per year, and working with all world publishers.
Now our imprint Kladez` have work on the unique title The Superstar`s Stile by Yana Tammach, one of the greatest authors of beauty books.
Her new book contains information about Hollywood Superstars – the icons of stile, most beautiful, talented and successful ladies. Author of this book following of the images of these ladies – transformed from first part till present time, evolution these images and the style beyond of stages and movies (clothes, hair, make-up and so on).
Our entire woman would like to looks like the Superstar! So, we made a decision to include to this book the parts about greatest modern actresses. We are studied the Russian audience and made the rating of popularity the Hollywood Stars. So, you are the FIRST!
Our ladies want to know your secrets about style on and beyond the stage and screen, how it transformed at the long time of your career, about you daily care and lifestyle.
This book will be incredible popular and bestselling at Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus – we`re absolutely sure.
We`re planning 7000 copies in the first print-run. And for better selling we`ll make the advertising campaign until month to starting the sale this title. It contained:
– the social networks of our Publishing House and Russian fun-groups of each Super Star;
– pre-order the book at the Internet stores;
– the reviews at the all online and physical beauty magazines;
– an announcements, news and banners on the various sites;
– a competitions and events at the official site and social networks by our Imprint Kladez`;
– a special invitations to big presentation event at the March of 2016;
– a posters at the Book Stores.
So, now we ask your permission to publish you photos from opened sources (stocks, news sites and so on) and fragments of you interviews. We do not need materials from you, so, this book wouldn’t disturb you. But we can send you the pages from this book to your approve if you want.

Best regards,
Jana Radaeva

ae March 5, 2018 - 1:23 pm

Greetings from the City of Rancagua – Chile. We wish to communicate with Megan Fox and that he can meet Jose Miguel Reyes Chilean Christian singer … he admires him a lot and would like to know his music. We await his communication and some wapsap number to make communication easier. Edith Reyes Manager by Jose Miguel Reyes


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