Rhys Ifans on the trail of Megan Fox in new film

THEY’RE both renowned for their naughty behaviour – so Rhys Ifans and Megan Fox teaming up for a film is sure to be devilish – even if the Hollywood super-babe is playing an angel.

The Ruthin wild man and the outspoken Tennessee pin-up will appear together in Mitch Glazer’s directorial debut Passion Plays.

And as if the line-up wasn’t already tantalising enough, notorious lothario Mickey Rourke is the romantic male lead.Rourke, 53, and Fox, 23, were confirmed for the feature earlier in the year, but the last-minute addition of Ifans, 41, makes it a cast made in rock ‘n’ roll heaven.

Oscar-nominee Rourke has a reputation for living it up, while tattooed Fox is regularly compared with a young Angelina Jolie thanks to her outrageous antics – and with party animal Ifans on board we can only imagine the nights out when filming starts next week in New Mexico.

The film, written and directed by the man behind the screenplays for The Recruit and Scrooged, is based around a down-and-out trumpet player (Rourke) in 1950s LA who thinks he can find redemption by saving a caged circus freak from a gangster.

Jennifer’s Body vixen Megan plays the winged creature in what has been described as a “dramatic but heart-warming tale” with an unusual love story.

Stunning Megan is used to being labelled an air-head sex symbol as a result of her bizarre comments in interviews and some strange film choices, so a role in a gritty period thriller could transform her career.

There’s no word on Ifans’ role yet but we bet the seasoned serious actor will be giving her tips on how to act the part.

Shooting’s expected to finish at the end of the month – that’s a wrap party we’d like to be invited to.

Source: Wales Online

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