Brolin Revelled In Kissing Fox

Josh Brolin made the most of his love scenes with sexy Megan Fox during filming for Jonah Hex, because he wanted to take “revenge” on his actress wife Diane Lane for all of her steamy onscreen clinches.

The Milk actor plays disfigured bounty hunter Hex in the Western, a big screen adaptation of the popular comic books, with Fox – who is regularly named as one of the sexiest women in the world – as his love interest.

And he admits he revelled in the opportunity to make Lane envious because she has enjoyed romancing leading men like Richard Gere, Viggo Mortensen and French actor Olivier Martinez over the years. He says, “I made out with Megan Fox, which was nice.

“Everybody says it’s very uncomfortable doing love scenes. My wife has done a few movies with a couple of love scenes, maybe this was maybe a revenge of mine, of some sort. If you look at it from that perspective, it’s kind of like the ultimate revenge. Megan Fox is the ultimate revenge, you hear what I’m saying?”

Brolin struggled to overcome the obstacle of heavy make-up to kiss Fox, but eventually managed to master his technique.

He adds, “The thing is for me, I had a prosthetic on my face because as Jonah Hex, the character, half of my face is burned, so it’s kind of difficult to figure out to get your tongue around (the mouthpiece). I’d love to say it was really, really tough but it went really smoothly.”

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