Megan Says She’s Bisexual Had Problems Making Out With Seyfried

Megan Fox has made no secret of the fact that her sexual preferences swing both ways, having confirmed to Esquire magazine earlier this year that she has no question in her mind about “being bisexual.” But surprisingly, the sexy starlet did have issues locking lips with co-star Amanda Seyfried for some steamy scenes in “Jennifer’s Body.” That particular day of filming was a closed set (even other stars of the film weren’t allowed in) and director Karyn Kusama told Tarts she felt as though she was “babysitting” as Fox and Seyfried continuously dissolved into giggles.

“I was constant laughing because it’s awkward and it’s strange and nobody wants to do that. Neither one of us wanted to do it so it was uncomfortable,” Fox admitted at a recent fan-meet for the film at the Hollywood & Highland Center.

And even though Fox’s folks “don’t care and are good about” watching her do racy things all in the name of art, Seyfried isn’t so appeased with her family watching.

“(My parents) have just seen another film of mine — nudity and my mom got to see me have sex with two different types of people on screen. She’s OK, she knows it’s acting but it’s not necessarily OK with me,” she said. “So it was difficult when my mom sat down next to me to watch ‘Jennifer’s Body.’”

Source: Fox News

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