Megan Fox fancied a screenwriter’s stripper shoe

Directors wanting Megan Fox to sign on to their projects might think first of shopping for shoes.

Fox, 23, the sultry brunette whose star wattage often sees her compared to Angelina Jolie, said she was turned on to the movie Jennifer’s Body by the screenwriter’s shoes.

And given that screenwriter was the enigmatic hot young property Diablo Cody, 31, those shoes could have been quite eye-stopping.Fox said:”She was really shy and really nice and she had on these six-inch pair of clear high heels, like the kind that strippers wear.

“I loved that in Hollywood here she was walking around in stripper shoes. It’s what swayed me to do the movie.”

Jennifer’s Body has stirred up quite a reaction with its gory no holds barred scenes.

Cody also wrote the Oscar winning script for the movie Juno.

Source: SAWF

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