Megan Fox to munch chips Istanbul, Turkey

Megan Fox is one hell of a beautiful, sexy and talented Hollywood star and now she will earn her bread in Turkey with an ad for Turkish potato chips brand and a TV appearance on Turkish talk show ‘Beyaz’.

Los Angeles / NationalTurk – Megan Fox has busy days ahead of her. The sexy Hollywood star has her schedule full nowadays, in her career and in her personal life.

Megan Fox will arrive wednesday afternoon in Istanbul, where she plans to play in an ad for Turkish Patato Chips company. Megan Fox will munch on chips with Turkish Drag Quenn ‘Huysuz Virgin’ in the ad. The Hollywood sex idol will then appear in a Talk Show, hosted by ‘Beyaz’.

Megan Fox excited to visit Istanbul and Turkey

Fox has announced her excitement for her visit to Turkey and Istanbul, the sexy artist said, that she wanted discover what Istanbul has to offer her and to experience something brand new there. She also mentioned her desire to touch the remains of Noah’s Ark and visit the places mentioned in the Bible.

Source: National Turk


  1. OMG, it’s in my home country! If you want more information for the talk show: it’s every Friday night at 10:00 p.m. I would do the screenshot and the Turkish translation for you if you wish. If you want more information, I leave you my e-mail. 🙂

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