Megan Fox Talks About Avon Fragrance!

People recently sat down with Megan Fox for a short interview on Megan’s new Avon Instinct Advert. During the interview, Megan speaks about how she remembers her grandmom fragrance and how life defining it is. Avon is the first fragrance Megan get involved.

“I can remember my grandmother’s fragrance — so comforting. Fragrance has true memory and really helps define your life.”

About the fragrance scent of Avon.

“The scent is so easy for me to wear day and night. It’s floral and flirty — just perfect!”

On shooting the advert.

“We shot in the ‘jungle’ — this is Hollywood after all! The lush location really helped me to feel connected to the scent and have fun playing in the setting.” Can’t get more scents-ual than that.

Be sure to get a scent of Megan’s  when it hits the store near you!

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