Megan Fox offers tips to party germ free

One of the first things students want to do, besides unpack and meet their roommate, of course, is find where the nearest party is. After being cooped up at home with their parents for three months, sweet, sweet freedom is readily available, and it’s a natural instinct to take advantage of that.

Before you go out and party, however, make sure you know the risks and whereabouts of germs.

Self magazine collaborated with well-known germaphobe and actress Megan Fox to warn about the biggest places germs lurk—one being the party scene.“all Staph—lives on our skin and in our nostrils,” Fox said. “We are the carriers. It can of course live on us without making us sick, but certain environments… increase risk of infection.”

The easiest fix is to wash your hands after you party, or even go one step further and purchase mini-hand sanitizer to use immediately when you feel unclean.

“The hands are the single easiest way to transport bugs,” said Fox, “but washing your hands is like whacking them over the head with a hammer.”

Source: College News

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