Megan Fox is Worth $2 Million in Her Undies

It wasn’t all that surprising when Emporio Armani decided to hire Megan Fox to replace Victoria Beckham as their pantie model-of-choice, but what is surprising — if a new AP report is to be believed — is just how high a price tag the folks at Armani have placed on Megan’s Foxy bod.

Though no exact dollar amount was named in the story, the AP’s source places the Transformers star’s deal with the Milan-based clothing label is somewhere in the $2 million range, the very high end of celeb endorsement contracts of this sort.

Fox’s Emporio Armani ads aren’t slated to hit billboards and magazines until early 2010, so we’ll have to wait until then to see if she’s truly worth the big bucks.

Source: OK Magazine

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