Megan Fox didn’t enjoy ‘lesbian kiss’ with Amanda Seyfried

Hollywood actress Megan Fox might be openly bisexual but she didn’t quite enjoy kissing Amanda Seyfried in the “Jennifer’s Body”.
She said neither she nor Seyfried wanted to do the scene in the horror flick in which they share a steamy kiss. She said it was made even worse because she had to do it in a room full of male technicians, reports

“It’s so awkward and quiet, there’s no score underneath it and it’s just… Could you watch yourself doing it,” she asked.“It’s awkward but especially in that one because neither one of us wanted to be doing it and we were both terrified… You’re in a room and it’s full of these middle-aged crew guys who are eating their sunflower seeds waiting for you to get it right so that they can go home to their kids,” she added.

Source: Thai Indian

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