Megan Fox and Taylor Swift 2009’s Internet stars of the Year

Ok, this is my award. Megan Fox and Taylor Swift are Zennie62’s 2009’s Internet stars of the Year. The reason is simple. Whenever I need some spark in traffic and talk, I can count on Megan Fox and Taylor Swift. It doesn’t matter of it’s a search for Megan Fox’ sexy photos or Taylor Swift’s long lyrics, they come through in a pinch.

But more than that, Megan Fox and Taylor Swift are just plain interesting. I love Megan Fox for her outspoken personality, and 21st Century feminist-hotty charm. Taylor Swift’s the picture of the simple, girl-next-door made good. Even when she doesn’t some really questionable things – ok, just one really questionable thing with that Swastika – Taylor Swift does it with the aplomb of of a queen.But this is not to damn Taylor Swift for that, it’s to genuinely praise her. Taylor Swift certainly has a massively great publicist and a production team that’s out of this World, but look at the material they have to work with: her. For some odd-duck reason, people want to root for Taylor Swift. And no, it’s not blonde-ambition or anything of the kind. It comes through as her soul. My only fear is that she will lose it.

Megan Fox got my attention, first, when she told the truth about the Transformers movie series being a special-effects vehicle and not an acting flick. I liked the way she stood her ground in the wake of Producer Michael Bay’s counter-attacks. And finally, her Rolling Stones Magazine interview was the icing on the cake.

Plus, yes. Megan Fox is a lovely, sexy, woman. Tough as nails and great ones too!

Source: SF Gate

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