Megan Fox Danced When She Got The Role!

Damnit Maurie, from the Roz & Mocha Show, travelled to Hollywood to interview Megan Fox and Will Arnett who star in Michael Bay’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which hits theatres this weekend!

Megan Fox grew up a fan of the Turtles and landing the iconic role of April O’Neil was a dream come true for the actress, “I literally danced when I got the part, when I found out, because I was waiting for 2 weeks. They wouldn’t answer me, wouldn’t let me know if I had booked it or not. Then I got word and I danced in my living room.”

Also, she thinks that even the most hardcore super fans of the Turtles will come out of the theatre enjoying the movie. “I feel like there’s a whole group of people that grew up with them, like I did, and they want to be hard on it, and it’s going to be impossible for them to walk away from this movie and hate it.”

Will Arnett has quickly become the worlds best Dad, as it’s all his sons have been able to talk about since he began work on the project. “We shot this movie in New York last summer, and I’d be on set all day, and my kids would actually come to the set quite a bit, but because the turtles are CG they couldn’t actually see them, but they’d watch the guys do the stunts and all this cool stuff.” He continued, “then I’d come home after we wrapped, and I’d walk in and my boys would be dressed up as the Turtles, and they’d say ‘Dad you have to play Shredder.”

“My life has been all things Turtles for a couple years now, which is great, because it’s a story and characters that I’m really comfortable with my sons being into, because there is such a great message.”

Source: KISS 925

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