Impaling Megan Fox

I know there are a lot of Megan Fox haters out there — we’ve even been known to criticize her a bit over here in the PopWrap HQ from time to time. But it’s too bad her real life persona kept you from giving “Jennifer’s Body” a chance because the dark comedy (or light horror) was filled with some of the most quotable dialogue of the year. Plus, Megan is really good in it, as a man eating bitch (typecasting!).

But you have the chance to mend your wicked ways since the movie is hitting DVD on Dec. 29. I promise you won’t regret checking it out … even if it’s just so you can quench your appetite for her destruction by watching Megan get torn apart.To tease the multitude of bonus features available on the DVD, PopWrap is exclusively bringing you this behind the scenes look (off the Blu-ray DVD) at both the climactic fight scene and the special effects that went into impaling Megan.

Insert your own “who hasn’t stuck a pole into Megan Fox” joke here.

Source: NY Post

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