Was Megan Fox the hottest thing in 2009?

Maxim and E! joined forces last night for a countdown of the Hottest Moments of 2009, honoring Megan Fox and the titillation surrounding Jennifer’s Body as the year’s most sizzling spectacle. I concede that Fox is hot, most especially to Maxim’s readers, but calling her “the ultimate Hollywood It girl: a multi-talented actress with A-list appeal,” feels grossly hyperbolic.

Jennifer’s Body, the celebrated moment of Fox’s hotness, landed with a thud, making me wonder when Maxim’s decision-makers finalized their list. ”Megan’s high-school horror flick had critics crowing about Fox’s performance as the ultimate femme-fatale.” Really? I don’t remember that. Critic Richard Roeper managed to toss Fox a few compliments for the show, but also wrote back in September, “Megan Fox is a lot more interesting off-screen than in the movies. She ain’t much of an actress…” Of course, that doesn’t necessarily make her not hot.Maybe 2009 just wasn’t a hot year? Personally, I though Johnny Depp and Marion Cotillard’s scenes in Public Enemies were steamier than anything Fox was selling. What tickled your fancy, PopWatchers?

Source: Pop Watch

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