Carmen Electra, Megan Fox top ‘Strippers Most Wanted Pole Partners’ list

For New York strippers and entertainers, Carmen Electra and Megan Fox top the list for “Strippers Most Wanted Pole Partners”.

According to a survey conducted on girls of Scores NYC, the pole-dancing ladies were asked what celebs they would most like to have “join them on the pole”.

While teen pop singer Miley Cyrus didn’t make the Top 10 even despite her pole dancing debut earlier this year, Kendra Wilkinson was no where on the list – Even as the creator of Kendra’s Sport Pole.At the top, however, was Playboy model and TV personality, Carmen Electra. At 37, she’s still rockin’ and was smokin’ enough in the eyes of the dancers to beat out half-her-age Megan Fox, who recently beat out Angelina Jolie for “Sexiest Move Stars of All Time.

Kim Kardashian took third place in the competition for the spotlight and Lindsay Lohan followed in fourth, with Paris Hilton, Denise Richards and Jenny McCarthy coming next.
Want to see where Martha Stewart came in? Check the total, tallied results below.

The New York Post published the following list of finalist for top celebrities strippers would want to join them on the pole. Who do you think is missing?

1. Carmen Electra
2. Megan Fox
3. Kim Kardashian
4. Lindsay Lohan
5. Paris Hilton
6. Denise Richards
7. Jenny McCarthy
8. Martha Stewart
9. Pam Anderson
10. Madonna

Source: Examiner

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