Megan Fox: My Body Gets Me Attention

Megan Fox isn’t ashamed to admit she uses her body to boost her career.

The Transformers star, 23, insists there’s nothing wrong with flaunting your assets.

“I’ve always laughed at actresses who complain about having to do sexy roles when they’re starting out,” Fox told the UK’s Skymag. “Who are they kidding? That’s the key to getting attention and moving on to better things.

“I grew up with this rebellious streak of not wanting to conform. I was sent to this strict Christian school that I hated and we were all told that the theory of evolution was wrong and sex was wrong. It was a nightmare.

“Women are supposed to project their sexuality yet there’s this strange stigma when it comes to talking about sex. I’m not afraid to say how much I enjoy sex. I’m not shy.”

Fox recently admitted she’s a “really angry” lady — but she insists it isn’t a problem because she can use it to her advantage.

“I think everybody is angry about some things in their life,” she said earlier this month. “I just happen to be really angry and go for it. I use it to my advantage.”

Source: ShowBiz Spy

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