Beyonce, Megan have best bodies

Pop diva Beyonce Knowles has curves in all the right places, according to British women who have voted her the celebrity with the best body.

Beyonce topped the list for women, with 23 percent stating she had the best celebrity cleavage.

Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox went head to head to win over the men in this category, both receiving 19 percent of all male votes.

Megan Fox remained a hit with men with 20 percent naming her as the celebrity they would most like to sleep with if their partner gave them a celebrity pass!

Katie Price and Victoria Beckham didn’t fare well as they were voted as the worst celebrity figure by both men and women.

The poll was conducted by Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, on 2,000 people – both men and women.

Source: India Times

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