Uwe Boll: Megan Fox Looks Like a B****

Across the virtual hallway at FunnyCrave, our colleagues interviewed Uwe Boll, the German filmmaker best known for adapting (or butchering, most critics will tell you) video games for the big screen, including Postal, Bloodrayne, Alone in the Dark and Dungeon Siege. Boll was in fine form for this interview, particularly when asked about actresses Megan Fox and Tara Reid, and their potential for nudity. His comments are bound to rile people up, as they often do, and probably aren’t suitable for the front page, so follow the jump if you haven’t already.

In journalism, sometimes you just have to ask the right questions. FunnyCrave’s Ian Fortley for some reason asked Boll whether he could get Megan Fox to appear naked in a movie, and struck gold:

UB: I don’t know. She looks like a bitch so why she shouldn’t [sic] do it?

Fortley also noted that in the DVD commentary for Alone in the Dark, Boll laments how Reid didn’t go topless for the camera. Why?

UB: I think Tara with her big boobies naked in ALONE would sell

Yeah, this the kind of stuff you’d decry as chauvinistic and degrading towards women if Boll’s movies performed well in theaters or had even a shred of critical acclaim. Instead, we laugh, and maybe sign the petition pleading him to stop making movies.

Source: Gamer Crave

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