Will Megan Fox Sing On MTV News’ ‘Behind The Screen’?

Some interviewers train their laserlike focus on politicians. Some on war criminals. They come to the conversation with pointed questions and the will to make their subject answer them no matter what the initial reluctant response. It is my lot in life that I talk to Megan Fox. (I know, shed a tear …)

When I sat down with Megan recently, I decided for a reason that still baffles me that I needed to hear her sing. Maybe it was the mere fact of sitting in the same room with the sultry “Jennifer’s Body” star for an hour. Maybe I was wound up from everything we’d already discussed — her on-set makeout sessions with Amanda Seyfried, the semi-nude photos of Fox that hit the Web during production — and I needed to shift gears.I knew Fox was a huge Judy Garland fan, and I did my best to get her to croon a note or three from the songstress’ most iconic tune. Check out the results below, and be sure to tune in to MTV on Friday at 7 p.m. to check out the entire interview on “Behind the Screen.”

MTV: Any musical aspirations? Can you sing a note?

Megan Fox: No.

MTV: I read somewhere you’re a Judy Garland fan. True?

Fox: Yeah. When I was a kid I was obsessed with ‘Wizard of Oz.’

MTV: I will give you $100 dollars if you sing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” right now.

Fox: What do I need with $100?

MTV: $150?

Fox: No.

MTV: Does anyone else have any money in here? $200?

Fox: No. Never. I won’t sing.

MTV: $300?

Fox: I actually sang a lot on the press tour. I used to sing the “Transformers” song a lot. But I’m not going to sing that.

MTV: No, that makes no sense.

Fox: I’m not going to sing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”

MTV: That’s disappointing, Megan.

Fox: It’s because you asked about those naked pictures. If you hadn’t asked that, I might have sung something.

MTV: You wouldn’t have. Don’t tease. Please? Just a note? I’ll sing with you. “Somewhere …”

Five minutes later …

MTV: Finally, I want to wrap up with some fan questions that we solicited. Is that cool? The first one is, “Can you sing ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’?” That’s odd.

Fox: No.

MTV: You’re saying no to your fans right now.

Fox: Who sent that question in?

MTV: Josh in New York City

Fox: How old is Josh?

MTV: He’s 33.

Fox: No. Next.

Five minutes later …

MTV: [Anything] in particular that you like to sing to yourself?

Fox: What is this about?

MTV: You denied me, and I want it now.

Fox: Why? What is it for?

MTV: I don’t know. It’s just for me. We’re not even going to use it.

Fox: How is it going to serve you to have a better day? If you could give me an answer, then maybe. But that’s so weak. And you just called me out, called me a poseur. And you made me talk about naked pictures. This is an epic no-no right now.

MTV: Don’t end this like this. Come on, we had a good time! I had a good time.

Fox: It was all right.

Source: MTV

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