Two New Transformers 2 Clips

Megan Fox stopped to chat to as she fought her way down the red carpet at the world premiere of ‘Transformers – Revenge Of The Fallen. asked her whether this was the craziest event she’d been a part of and she replied: “No I think as crazy as it gets is when Robert Pattinson goes anywhere, that’s as crazy as it gets. He’s a Beatle, he’s all the Beatles, he’s the Backstreet Boys band in a person.”

When put it to her that she might have made Robert cry with her recent quote about him being too young for her Megan confessed “No I know him and he laughs about it, it was a joke.”

Punking friends via the press, good work Megan!

Here are 2 video clips of Megan in Transformers 2.

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