SRK’s connection with Ms Fox

Well, we aren’t talking about the much-publicised multi-crore deal with a foreign studio to distribute My Name Is Khan; we’re talking about the sexy Ms Fox from Hollywood. Apparently Shah Rukh Khan is a huge fan of Megan Fox (tell us which man isn’t), and recently at a press conference to announce the mega tie-up (with the studio and not the hottie Fox, silly) SRK in his usual tongue-in-cheek humour said that the only reason he was tying up with the studio is because they shared a common name with his hot-favourite — Megan Fox.

And he was hoping that they honour the tie-up with an introduction with the actress. That was SRK at his humorous best. Though it won’t be too long before the King Khan will be seen hobnobbing with the Angies-Brads and Toms-Kats of Hollywood. Wotsay?

Source: India Times

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