Rumored Megan Fox Rejection of Tomb Raider Wrong

Megan Fox has turned down the chance to be the next Lara Craft,” reports Showbiz Spy.

(Sigh. If you’re going to get the story completely wrong, at least spell LaraCroft’s name correctly in the first sentence.)

The site claims Fox said no to the Tomb Raider lead because “she hates being compared to the film franchise’s original star, Angelina Jolie.” It cites a so-called “movie insider” who says, “The offer has been on the table for Megan for a while but she’s reluctantly turned it down” due to the Angelina analogy.

Therefore, it “looks like the movie will now star an unknown.”

What’s “unknown” is where this “insider” came up with this version of events where Fox was asked to be the next Croft.

A rep for the actress told Gossip Cop, simply, “This is made up.”

Source: Gossip Cop

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