Private nude pictures of Megan Fox leaked online, actress hacked!

Megan Fox may want to secure her digital privacy, with the TRANSFORMER’s hottie supposedly becoming the victim of an internet hacker leaking scandalous naked photographs. But while outraged fans of the actress took to the internet to blog their disgust, digital imaging experts around the globe came to the starlet’s untimely defense, claiming the photographs could just be ‘great photoshop.’

The 23-year-old lad’s mag favorite faced the possibly false reports yesterday that an unidentified internet hacker had uploaded her private photographs after suppoesdly gaining access to her personal laptop computer. The photos depicted Fox in various settings and positions, some appearing to be personally shot with a camera phone while others appeared professionally shot.The actress has not yet commented on the latest news, but has previously claimed she would never consider nudity in a film role because of her own insecurities.

The brunette famously compared director Michael Bay to Hitler earlier this year.

Source: Examiner

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