Mickey Rourke sings Megan Fox`s praises

Mickey Rourke says audiences will have a different view of Megan Fox after their new movie Passion Play comes out, Extra reports.

‘I just worked on a smaller movie [Passion Play] with Megan Fox,’ Rourke explained.

Discussing the film, which Rourke describes as “a strange movie”, the actor said of the project: ‘Creatively, it was a lot of fun. She was great to work with – and to look at.”The Oscar nominee lauded Fox as hard-working, saying: “It was nice working with someone who has a reputation for being beautiful, but who really did her homework. She was challenging to work with. People are going to have a different perception of her.’

Rourke is currently back on the big screen with Iron Man 2 in which he plays Whiplash, a Russian villain.

The actor said of his performance in the blockbuster: “My Russian girlfriend hated my accent’.

Source: Monsters and Critics

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