Megan Fox’s Male Co-Star Wished She Put More Clothes On

Michael Papajohn is the envy of all his friends having worked alongside screen stunner Megan Fox in both the “Transformers” flicks, but it seems the experience of playing her father also had quite the tortuous side.

“I can honestly tell you she’s beautiful, but my buddies are still calling me and emailing me going, ‘Hey, how hot is she?’ and the verdict is I stayed in character the whole time,” Papajohn told Tarts last week at the Palm Pre launch event at Hollywood’s Raleigh Studios. “So I just looked at her from a father’s point of view and I just kept saying in my mind, ‘Oh Megan, I wish you’d put more clothes on’. But I did text my buddies back and said ‘good genes, what can I say?’”Papajohn jokingly said he still feels like he has “a big responsibility” to take on a protective paternal role in Fox’s real life and went as far as to say he didn’t think his “daughter” looked her best at the recent MTV Movie Awards with her grease-inspired look.

“I like her hair but I don’t like it slicked back like that. I like when it’s free flowing,” he added. “God gave you a beautiful physique, just let it free flow, there’s too much work on her hair. The tan is ok, but no more hair gel.”

Source: FOX News

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