Megan Fox’s Jennifers Body Rated R

Megan Fox’s Jennifers Body has been rated and its not PG13. The studio has opted to get down and dirty and put the new horror comedy out with a full R rating according to Kudos to them as a horror fan who is tired of watered down PG 13 horror movies. Here is hoping it delivers more then just a half naked Megan Fox.

The major buzz for the film so far has been the fact that Megan Fox gets naked in the film and that you get to see a whole lot of her. It is safe to say despite photos that leaked online of her wearing nothing but pasties that they will use carefull camera angles to keep us from seeing much, keeping the allure of Fox. When we caught up with Megan Fox she had high praise for Diablo Cody and her experience making the film. She told us;Diablo is so wicked and funny and it was hard to really make a film that was up to her script but I think Karyn (Kusama, the director) did a pretty good job and I think it’s one of the most interesting movies coming out this year for sure. It’s offbeat comedy. It’s inappropriate comedy which I find to be the funniest.

Lets hope this R rated horror comedy does not go the way of Sam Raimis Drag Me To Hell and fizzle at the box office. Raimis Horror film was an R as well and its mix of humor and an R rating resulted in good reviews but little action at the box office.

Source: Movies Online

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