Megan Fox and Will Arnett Interview with Herald Sun Australia


Below is an interview of Megan Fox and Will Arnett with Herald Sun Australia where they talks about the film, the recent iCloud nude photos scandal and many more. It’s a fun interview that’s worthy to read 🙂

Megan, your character in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is continually thwarted by her looks. Do you relate to that?

Megan: I don’t feel like being beautiful is a hindrance when you are an actress. I feel like it’s probably something that’s helpful. But in terms of being critically acclaimed, that has to come from me giving a worthy performance. That lies within myself — it’s not someone else’s fault.

What about her fearlessness?

Megan: I definitely relate to that. I feel like I am not afraid to say what needs to be said, or do what I need to do, if I believe in something. If I have a cause I will fight for it. I am fearless that way — sometimes, in the past, to a fault.

We also live in an age where intimate photos can be stolen off the i-Cloud. Given the dangers, why would celebrities take nude photographs of themselves in the first place?

Megan: I don’t keep anything like that on i-Cloud for that very purpose. That is my worst nightmare. I don’t think that it’s strange — especially within a relationship. But the only images I have are of being pregnant, of my belly growing. That’s about as undressed as it gets.

You found out you were pregnant after you started filming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Did that limit what you could do?

Megan: It did hold me back a little bit. I wanted to be able to do as much as possible — it always looks better if you can have your face in the stunt.

Megan: Towards the end, there wire stunts I couldn’t do.

Producer Michael Bay likes to keep his action films as real as he can. TMNT isn’t as explosive as Transformers. But was there a certain level of physical discomfort on this one too?

Megan: Not for me, but I would say for the guys who played the turtles. They had to wear these big gothic platform shoes with these skin tight spandex suits and the camera on top of their heads.

Clearly you have overcome your differences (Fox was replaced in the third Transformers film after comparing Bay to Napoleon and Hitler.)

I think everything in the media plays out so much more dramatically than it is in real life. We have been talking behind the scenes for a while now. But sometimes when you have two strong personalities, you are going to have disagreements. And then at a certain juncture you decide: well, maybe we are not going to work together on this project, because we are clashing so badly. I don’t think that’s really such a crazy, bizarre thing in itself. It’s just that there aren’t a lot of actresses who have left billion dollar franchises so it’s very salacious.

Five years on, you seem to be less outspoken in interviews. Is that a result of the fallout?

Unfortunately for me I can’t make jokes. I can’t be the way, say, Will is in an interview, because everything I say is printed as literal. There seems to be this need to portray me either like I am crazy, or an uptight bitch. There is no room for me just to relax and be myself and joke around because it’s always taken out of context.

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