Megan Fox Watches Reality TV While Smoking Weed

Megan Fox has revealed what she does in her spare time — she sits at home watching Tori Spelling’s reality TV show while smoking cannabis.

The Transformers actress says she likes nothing more than an afternoon of pot and trashy television.

“I usually smoke weed and watch Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood,” she told a British newspaper when asked how she relaxes.

Fox, 23, has previously called for the legalization of cannabis.

“America’s war on drugs is propaganda,” she told GQ magazine in June. “I can’t tell you how much bulls**t I’ve been through because I will openly say that I smoke weed. People look at it like it’s this crazy, hippy, f***ed-up thing to do. And it’s not!

“I hope they legalize it and when they do I’ll be the first f***ing person in line to buy my pack of joints.”

Source: Showbiz Spy

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