Megan Fox vs. Angelina Jolie for Starring Role in Barbarella?

Forget Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie has a new celebrity opponent with an all too familiar look about her. Stemming from a striking resemblance, recent Internet reports have pitted Angelina against Transformers starlet Megan Fox, dubbing Megan “the next Angelina Jolie.”

Followers of the feud now wait with bated breath thanks to MSN Entertainment’s recent announcement of both women vying for the staring role of the remake of the 1960’s classic Barbarella, a role made iconic by Jane Fonda.For her part, Megan, 23, says all the Barbarella buzz about the head-to-head with Angie is just a load of rumors. CNN reports from the Toronto Film Festival that Megan wouldn’t say no, if and when that call comes, but it hasn’t yet. She adds that she and Angie, 34, aren’t “really in the same age group.” Ouch.

Metaphorical punches were first thrown when Megan reportedly told BBC News that she looked “way better than her [Angelina].”

While both Megan and Angelina maintain a sultry reputation, the public has wasted no time circulating internet rumors of the two partaking in intense and dirty competition for the title of sexiest celeb.

Source: OK Magazine

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