Megan Fox “Vogue” Spain October 2011 Article

Lucky Day: “I live in a permanent state of happiness,” says the actress and muse of Armani, Megan Fox . Newly married and about to debut in comedies, the most desired woman in the world shows her cards.

Hollywood has always loved the icons that the world idolizes and bodies that meet the standards of beauty of the moment. This seems to have been the case of an actress who, from night to day, jumped from obscurity to stardom partly because of her sexuality. Her name is Megan Fox, owner of a feline look, silky hair and white skin, able to increase the testosterone levels and put the shorts she wore in Transformers in the most wanted list. The actress arrives at Smashbox Studios in the heart of Hollywood, accompanied by her assistant and agent, with a contract of Armani and a lot of projects under her arm, but with a good disposition, typical of a professional who does not hesitate to indulge in a long photo session (7 hours total), and where the only break of thirty minutes would be divided between lunch and retouching of makeup and hair. We were surprise about Megan’s pacience during the five costume changes, her sweetness facing the instructions from designers and gentle as she pointed out her points of view. Megan does not really seem to have anything about a bossy diva. She comes to the studio dressed with what she likes to wear: jeans, white top and sandals. Interestingly, she seems much shorter than on film. And her fierce look in the movies gives place to a, shy one. Probably because of some discomfort caused by the fact that she feels very exposed, which however does not stop her from being generous. Megan tells us that she has just celebrated her 25th birthday at San Ysidro Ranch in Santa Barbara, accompanied by her husband, actor Brian Austin Green, in what she defines to be “dreamy days”

Vogue: How do you feel now that you’re 25 years old?

Megan: I’m not sure. They arrived very quickly that now it appears they are many years. But I feel more adult, I’m more mature. I remember when I turned 23 years like it was yesterday, but in these two years now, many things happened really quickly.

Vogue: You have learned to stay away from certain things?

Megan: It’s not something I do consciously, but I’m happy when it happens. This image that was created about me has many angles. We live in a world of cut phrases and headlines, and I prefer people not to know who I really am based on an statement released through the media. I like when I give whole interviews, they understand who I really am and why I’ve taken my decisions in life. I am much more than a piece of meat to sell to the media. The media shows a woman very different from who I really am. And the problem is that it can not be controlled. People believe what they want to believe and I can not comment on every thing they say, because my life would end up being consumed by having to explain lies. I prefer to accept that this is another aspect of my work.

Vogue: Do you have any problem using your sexuality as a weapon?

Megan: If I use my sexuality as a weapon? Constantly, all the time (laughs).

Vogue: With good or bad results?

Megan: Usually favorable to me.

Vogue: You have abused of the power of your beauty?

Megan: I was terrified for a moment of my career because of it, when people began creating a certain obsession with my person in the sense that many people told me I was just a pretty face and nothing else and it made me feel very insecure . It was almost unbearable.

Vogue: Many young people consider you one of the most beautiful and sexiest women on the planet. You feel it as a responsibility?

Megan: It is impossible to forget this responsibility, but I do not feel it is mine. I have no way to communicate directly with these young people, I can not influence the way I like. I have no control of what they read about me in magazines or on the Internet. That’s why I think the media is responsible for what is happening with youth today.

Vogue: And also in Hollywood.

Megan: In this industry, most of us actors have so little intimacy. Some want to hide something to their advantage and go into battle with you. But I have my family and my friends. I do not need to be nice to strangers. Many people think that fame is only thinking about themselves, and these people can get really addicted to it.

Vogue: But what about the beauty, do you think is a working tool for an actress?

Megan: No, I do not think totally. It’s obvious a tool that you keep within yourself like any other. But it is very important not to live depending on beauty, or having your career depending on it because it limits a lot. But I recognize that it is an attribute that gives me power.

Vogue: You felt the need to break the stereotype of a beautiful and sexy woman?

Megan: Yes. I don’t want to always portrait the same role and continue feeding the world an idea that was created about me and people suppose that I should follow it. I want to be original without stop being myself. It is important in this industry to have a lot of determination, to know what you want and fight for it. When you’re honest, you should keep your head held high, even in bad times.

Vogue: In your case, beauty can become something against you?

Megan: Maybe. But I will not continue this conversation this way.

Vogue: But at least you like the photo shoots?

Megan: This is very fun and different. I have never sit on a swing chair for a photo shoot before.

Vogue: About Armani, you’re the female image of the brand. You know the male image, Rafael Nadal?

Megan: Not personally. I know who he is and my husband likes his style of playing tennis. We haven’t had the opportunity to meet in Spain when we were shooting the ad, but maybe one day. But I think he was a great choice for the brand.

Vogue: Do you follow the tennis games?

Megan: No. The only sport I follow is basketball: The Los Angeles Lakers. I also like Pau Gasol and his brother Marc, who plays in Los Grizzlies. I follow them a lot.

Vogue: And you? How do you keep fit?

Megan: I exercise three times a week with a personal trainer. I do a very heavy lifting, but I don’t do cardio or anything like that, because it is very difficult to maintain my weight. Since I lose it soon, I try not to run, for example.

Vogue: That yes, you like to take care of yourself….

Megan: Yes, I feel strong, even if the work is excessive. I have already tried many diets before, some because of health problems, but now I don’t follow any. I eat healthily. I would like to be vegetarian, but I can’t. I need the proteins of meat due to my metabolism and certain allergies.

Vogue: Do you follow fashion trends?

Megan: I like the new trends, but this can take a long time to always be fashion. Also, I’m very casual. I was given some trendy clothes and I know how to wear them, but in the end I don’t wear them (laughs).

Vogue: You came here dressed in jeans and top. It is very difficult to find a good pair of jeans?

Megan: Very difficult. I like pants with stretch because they do not hide what you have for muscle legs and butt. And they are more comfortable to sit. But daily, I love to wear my husband jeans. I feel so much relaxed inside of them . But on weekends I wear mine. But I wondered how designers make jeans to look good on any body type.

Vogue: Is it true that you are removing your tattoos?

Megan: Yes I think I have matured. I’ve been getting tattoos since I was 15 years old, but now I grew up. I feel I’m another person. I’m 25 years old and I feel more discret.

Vogue: Now about the Judd Apatow’s movie….

Megan: I have had many meetings with Judd before getting the role. And I had a improvisation session with Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann. In the end, they liked my improvisations and since then I became part of the team. It’s a project I feel very excited about. It was an unique opportunity and I’m taking it too seriously. I go to all sessions and rehearsals, meetings, etc.. It’s wonderful to be on this team. And of all the tests I’ve ever had to do in Hollywood, surely a improvisation session with Judd was very enjoyable. I was very pleased with the results.

Vogue: Do you think it’s easy to work in comedies?

Megan: No. .. Well, I don’t know. When you have a great team around you, you just get contagious, which doesn’t mean you’re good at it. But I confess that at home, I like to follow my own humorous routine, telling jokes and playing. I always did. When it comes to make people laugh, it’s easy for me to improvise.

Vogue: Judd Apatow said you have a strange sense of humor.

Megan: Yeah. I’ve always had a sense of humor inappropriate for conventional situations. And that was something that I also identified myself with Judd when we met. I’ve always considered funny some moments that are a little uncomfortable for others. I’ve always been like this and I won´t change now.
What makes me laugh is kinda a part of my personality. But sometimes even my husband thinks I have a weird sense of humor. One time, during dinner, I had a strong headache, I felt uncomfortable. And Brian, who can easily see what people are feeling because he’s sensitive, asked me “What do you have? I know something’s wrong.” So I became very serious and said “I think I don’t love you anymore.” I thought it would be a fun joke, but he was mortified and shocked. He didn’t think it was amusing at all.

Vogue: Why did you decide to work with Judd?

Megan: Because he is the best comedy director in Hollywood right now. Besides, he has a very rare sense of humor, just like me. He is very charming and is a director for which is worth get up early in the morning to shoot scenes and follow his orders to give your best to your character.

Vogue: And what did you think of working with the comic artist of the moment, Kristen Wiig, in the movie Friends With Kids?

Megan: She and Maya Rudolph are sensational actresses. They have lots of talent and are so funny, but also very focused and caring to the rest of the cast. I had some tough shots and they helped me a lot. On this day, it was hard, but they were by my side all the time.

Vogue: Do you like to laugh at yourself?

Megan: It depends on what subject. But yes, I am able to laugh at myself and my flaws and errors.

Vogue: What makes you feel powerful as a woman?

Megan: For me it is very difficult to talk without being honest, without saying what I think. Many times, I feel powerful when I speak something that everyone agrees but is afraid to do or say. I do, although this brings consequences, because this how I am. I recognize it’s scary to be like me, but this makes me feel powerful.

Vogue: You defend what you believe, whatever the cost?

Megan: Yes, if I believe in something, I will defend it till the end. I will not look back and get scared. This is one of my best qualities, in my opinion.

Vogue: You have been working in this industry for several years now. You always knew you wanted to be an actress?

Megan: I told my mother I wanted to be an actress since I was 2. At that time I was obsessed with Judy Garland in the film The Wizard Of Oz. It was my favorite movie and I used to watch it about three times a day. Since then, I always knew that was what I wanted to do with my life.

Vogue: You have the career you dreamed of having?

Megan: It is impossible to imagine what you will find, much less dream about certain elements of this profession you first idealize and then make you feel terrified. It is a consequence you can have in life when you become famous. But yes, it is a glamorous profession, exciting and it also makes you travel around the world. It’s not repetitive and you get to meet new people constantly, which is a great experience. Besides, interpretation is something that scares you and at the same time you have to overcome. It’s a profession that gives you a great personal satisfaction. You can grow with the characters or regret interpreting them if they are bad, but absolutely all the characters that you play affect you in some way.

Vogue: Would you like to work in a movie with your husband?

Megan: I don’t know. I love him very much, we get along really well, we’re good friends. But I don’t know if throwing our jobs into our relationship could affect it somehow badly. I don’t want that at all. I think perhaps producing a movie together would be the best option.

Vogue: You’re a good cook?

Megan: I have inherited some recipes from my family and I can be really good if I want. But the problem is that I hate to cook, I rarely do. Brian does’t, he is sensational. My husband loves to cook. In fact, I recognize that I am lucky to have him.

Vogue: What do you most enjoy doing in your free time?

Megan: The shooting of movies can be exhausting, so sometimes I get home dying to throw myself on the couch. In my daily life, I like being with my family, go to the movies, organize scenes and play videogames. My favorite is Halo.

Vogue: You have just completed one year of marriage. Do you recommend marriage?

Megan: I live in a permanent state of happiness. My husband and I completed one year of marriage in June. And yes, I recommend if you are truly passionate about the person. I lived with Brian for more than five years before marrying him. So I gave enough time to see if our relationship could really work. Our relationship has already been put to the test several times, but we always left them closer together. I think if you find someone who is committed to the relationship even in bad times, it is worth marrying. I am delighted with all that married life now. It is sensational.

Vogue: How would you like to see yourself in five years?

Megan: With children. I want to have children sooner rather than later. How many? I don’t know. Maybe no more than two. But I want at least two. I’ll stop working for a while to take care of them. I don’t want them to be raised by a nanny. I also wanted to buy a house in Hawaii. And professionally, I wanted to continue working with people like Judd Apatow.

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