Megan Fox Tattoo Problems With Brian Austin Green

Megan Fox has a tattoo problem Brian Austin Green. Many believe that there is a Hollywood rule that once you put the name of your lover on your body as a tattoo the relationship is doomed to fail.

It may not be written in stone or even in a contract but Transformers beauty Megan Fox has confirmed she has got the name of her on/off lover Brian Austin Green tattooed on her body – but won’t say where it is. The 23-year-old, who recently said the relationship is currently off, told Australia’s Famous magazine: “I have the name Brian tattooed on my body.” Talking about her skin art, she said: “I’m a little reckless every once in a while.”

She adds, “But at the same time it’s so easy to get tattoos removed now. Plus, it’s such a light, small and delicate tattoo. I’ve looked into getting it removed just out of curiosity and it would only be $200 to remove.”

Source: National Ledger

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