Megan Fox Shocker! “Incredibly Nice” and “Very Shy”

Remember back when we asked if the real Megan Fox would please stand up? Ya know, aside from the hot looks and unstoppable mouth, we wanted to know what the brunette was really like behind closed doors.

Well, according to some workers on the set of Transformers, the real Megan is nothing but a nasty be-yotch, and that’s putting it nicely.

Yesterday, though, we ran into someone who also dwells behind the scenes in Hollywood, and has worked with Miss Fox. So is she as terrible as we hear—and some of you hope—she is? And what’s the latest guy situation Meg has found herself in?

Do read on:

“[Megan] is an incredibly nice girl,” fesses someone who has seen the real side of Fox (swear, like no makeup and all). “She’s young, and she’s very shy.”Seriously…shy? Love her, but Megan hardly seems to be the insecure girl she swears she is sometimes.

“No, she’s incredibly shy. Of course she plays up this vixen in the media—it works for her and she knows that. But that’s just another persona she plays.”

Our insider insists that in person Fox is incredibly reserved, which to most people translates to bitchy. Take the three people on the Transformers set who probably thought they could smile and be besties with, as they call her, “Miss Princess.”

According to Meg’s acquaintance, until she truly gets comfortable with someone she is just quiet—which, to many, makes her seem unfriendly.

Come on, if this girl was diva-difficult in Hollywood Michael Bay would not be having her back for Transformers 3. Everyone is replaceable in Hollywood…just ask Rachelle Lefevre.

So can guys deal with the shy-Fox? Brian Austin Green can.

According to our source, the two are very much back on. After his cameo on Saturday Night Live there have been lots of whispers ’bout this on-off couple.

“When their schedules allow it, the two are pretty much inseparable,” dishes our insider. “They never force their relationship, when they need to focus on work they do, and can. It actually seems healthy.”

Interesting—Megan and Brian, perhaps one of the more functioning couples in Hollywood? Together when they want to be, but don’t fake it for the cameras?

Sounds refreshing, but still not totally sure if these two are in it forever.

Source: E Online

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