Megan Fox on being famous and misunderstood

There we were, in a press con with Megan Fox at the Park Hyatt Hotel Toronto, not expecting even a tiny bit of “FC” (our abbreviation for a term we coined, Filipino connection) when the beautiful actress was suddenly talking about “the Philippines.”

Our colleague had asked the star of director Karyn Kusama’s “Jennifer’s Body,” a “Midnight Madness” entry to the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), if majority of her fan mail was from the US or from abroad.

Megan, a knockout in a short dress, fishnet stockings and high heels, answered, “I don’t always have the time to go through my own fan mail because I’m traveling and working so much. I know that, for some reason, I’m really famous in the Philippines. I don’t know why. Apparently, there’s a fake Megan Fox Facebook page. I don’t have a Facebook or Twitter account. But, somebody made a fake Facebook page for me. And, it was shutting down the server because it was getting so many hits – and most of them were from the Philippines. I don’t know why it’s happening, but it is.”Sexiest woman

We didn’t know this. Of course, it was not surprising, since Megan is famous all over the world – not just the Philippines. Still, we felt we had to assure the actress with the smoldering eyes and pouty lips, who is often voted as the world’s sexiest woman. So, what would a Filipino gallantly do? We told her, “I’m from the Philippines, so let me assure you, that is true.”

Our interview took place before the controversy erupted about Megan’s comments which were critical of her “Transformers” director, Michael Bay. Some of Michael’s crew members posted comments defending their boss and labeling Megan “dumb as a rock.” (In our interviews with her, Megan comes across as anything but dumb.)

Michael has issued a letter saying, “I don’t condone the letter to Megan. And, I don’t condone Megan’s outlandish quotes. But, her crazy quips are part of her charm. The fact of the matter is, I still love working with her, and we still get along. I expect more crazy quotes from her on ‘Transformers 3.’”

Megan, who plays a succubus (the term used in the film; it simply means a female demon) in the horror-comedy penned by “Juno” writer, Diablo Cody, is also surprised that young girls mob her during her public appearances.

She shared, “When I’m out or when I go to awards shows, oddly enough, it’s always young girls who show up. It’s teenage girls who want to meet me, shake my hands, have their pictures taken with me and talk. I’m relieved about that. I appreciate having female fans and being different. I’m a different kind of role model for young girls. But, I’m not the kind that America is comfortable with.”

Later, a reporter’s question about her boyfriend, actor Brian Austin Green, suddenly made Megan emotional and in tears. The writer asked if the fact that Brian is older (he is 36; she’s 23) and an actor, as well, allows her to be comfortable around him. The pair has been reported to split a few times, but each time, they reconciled.

“Sure, I think those elements come into play,” Megan began her answer about Brian’s qualities. “It’s hard to be in a relationship with someone who’s not in this industry, because it’s impossible to understand the things that we do for our job. They’re not normal. Anyone else whose wife went off to work and was making out with Johnny Depp for a film would be like, ‘What? I’m not comfortable with you doing that!’ It’s strange. You work long hours. You go out of town for weeks or months at a time. So, yeah, having someone who’s also in the industry is helpful…”


Then, Megan began crying and talked haltingly: “But, other than that…as a person…Brian is a good person. Man, I just got emotional.”

After tissue paper was handed to her, and she collected herself, she said of Brian, “You don’t come across a lot of genuine people in this industry. And, I feel blessed to have found someone who is genuine and who will stick around through all my bulls**t.”

Earlier, the actress talked about her relationship with Brian this way: “Since I was 18, I’ve been in a monogamous relationship with the same person. Of course, we have ups and downs. Because I’m so much younger, I’m very aware of the fact that I don’t want to be a bad partner. I don’t want to be selfish – I want to be a good girlfriend.”

She added, “I’ve taken some breaks to collect and restore myself, get my head back on straight so that I can be good to and for him. I can be a positive person in his life. I don’t ever want to be a negative energy for him or with him.”

Also earlier, we asked Megan if she enjoyed doing “Jennifer’s Body” since the film supposedly makes fun of some people’s mistaken notion of her. “Sure,” she replied. “There’s a misconception that I’m overly confident or a little vapid – that I am like Jennifer in the sense that I’m a bratty, spoiled girl who doesn’t have much to bring to the table. It was fun to be able to play this character. Jennifer is not dumb. She’s quite smart, manipulative and irreverent. I really appreciated that, and I appreciate being able to say the things that she says with such conviction.”

On published quotes from her, like this one that Esquire magazine bannered, “I’m just really confident sexually, and I think that sort of oozes out of my pores…,” Megan explained, “When they write these articles on me, they don’t allow me to be self-deprecating. Sometimes, I say things that are obviously sarcastic, and they interpret them quite literally. That quote was one of those things where I was rolling my eyes and like, ‘It just oozes out of my pores.’ The article was about how sexy I was supposed to be. The journalist was honest with me that it was his assignment. So, we were sort of mocking it. That was me mocking myself.

“I do feel like I’m confident sexually with my partner in the privacy of our relationship. Though that’s very different from being confident when you step out on stage or into the world, to be judged by everyone. Brian and I have a bond. We trust each other. I’m allowed to be free, comfortable and confident within that.”

Asked about a reported comment from Diablo Cody that Megan says things that she should keep to herself, the actress remarked, “I think that’s true. I have a tendency to sit with a journalist and want to be entertaining to build an instant relationship. I sometimes forget or remain unaware of how things translate, once they’re in print. So, that’s a learning process for me.”

Kissing scene

In “Jennifer’s Body,” Megan gets to lock lips with her costar, Amanda Seyfried. “The kissing scene was awkward,” she confessed. “All kissing scenes are awkward, no matter how you go about it. Amanda, very clearly, didn’t want to do it. She was nervous. We both were. That helped us bond through it. It helped that we had a female director who was very understanding of our awkwardness. Going to work and being paid to kiss someone on the mouth is a strange thing. For me, it never gets easier or more comfortable. But, I will say that I felt safest with Amanda than with strange boys you don’t know. That’s especially uncomfortable (laughing)!”

As a possessed cheerleader who becomes a killer, Megan eats boys…literally. “I do lick the blood a lot,” she quipped. “It’s corn syrup. They have different flavors – mine was bubble gum flavored. In the scene where I’m scooping the blood out of a cadaver, that body was an exact mold of Kyle Gallner’s body. It was torn open with the insides showing. They filled the body replica with corn syrup. We did the scene three times. I was very nauseous. Some of the producers who were there – grown men – were getting sick and had to walk away from the monitor because it was disgusting (laughing).”

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