Megan Fox likes ‘gentle’ guys

Megan Fox has revealed that she’s just a softie at heart, despite her man-eating reputation.

The Transformers star, who was previously engaged to Brian Austin Green, showed her soft side during the premiere of her latest film, Jennifer’s Body, at the Toronto International Film Festival.

“I like someone who has a super gentle spirit and energy, who’s funny and has a good sense of humour – I’m really gentle, and so I like a boy who will treat me that way,” she told

Megan also revealed she likes polite guys, adding: “I don’t like boys who are mean to their mummies. That’s a real turn off for me. And I don’t like boys who aren’t chivalrous. To me, not being respectful is a big deal.”The 23-year-old insisted that she’s a good girl at heart.

“I was never a bad girl and still not,” she said.

“I challenged authority in school a little bit. Now I just speak my mind openly. That’s who I am.”

Source: Press Association

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