Megan Fox Is More Than Just A Pretty Face At Comic-Con

There are certain truths in life that seem impossible to debate: Geeks don’t get the girls; hot women aren’t interested in comic books; sequels to Keanu Reeves films always suck. Well, OK, maybe the last one still holds true but at Comic Con ’09, sultry Megan Fox is doing her philanthropic best to break down the walls, shatter the stereotypes and prove that hot chicks dig comics.

“I do have [geek cred],” the “Transformers” star grinned while promising us that she wasn’t just another Hollywood pretty face who was dropping into the world’s biggest comic book convention to pitch a movie. “How can I prove it to you?”

For starters, Fox is here to unveil two extremely geek-friendly flicks. On Thursday night, she hosted a wild bash for her September 18 horror flick “Jennifer’s Body,” and on Friday (July 24), she unveiled “Jonah Hex” to the comic fans who have loved the relatively obscure DC character for decades.To prove her cred, she rattled off a few of the attractions she hopes to see when she navigates the massive crowds on the convention floor.

“Obviously, Michael Turner was one of my favorite artists,” she said of the recently deceased creator of “Witchblade” and “Fathom,” the latter of which Megan is trying to develop into a feature film. “So I want to go to his booth and look at some of that stuff; I want to go look at some ‘Witchblade’ comics.”

And if that isn’t enough to put her in the same category as the two grown men walking around the convention center dressed as “pimp” versions of Boba Fett and Darth Vader, Fox flashed some more credentials. “J. Scott Campbell, I’m a fan of him,” she said of the veteran artist who has worked on such titles as “The Amazing Spider-Man,” “Danger Girl” and a certain immensely popular series about superpowered teens.

“I want to see if they have some ‘Gen13’ around,” she added. “See? I know a little bit.”

Source: MTV

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