Megan Fox: I’d love to be Clooney

Megan Fox is jealous of George Clooney, because he’s allowed to play on his “sexual” side without being labelled.

The stunning star is widely admired for her beauty and regularly appears on the world’s hottest women lists. Megan tires of being judged purely for her looks and wishes people would stop getting the wrong impression of her.

Megan admires George Clooney for his ability to charm with his mix of attractiveness and great sense of humour.

“I envy George Clooney because he can play sexual jokes and not be misconceived. If I did the same, they’d tell me that I am too ‘available,'” she teased to Italian A magazine.

“And listen, I have the same lightness as George, he told me that. Being beautiful doesn’t mean being stupid.

“Sacha [Baron Cohen] for instance is a brilliant man, behind every gag he plays there’s a deep social satire – nevertheless he is labelled as a trash actor”.

Megan married Brian Austin Green in 2010. The 26-year-old actress – who is rumoured to be pregnant with her first child – has gushed about her long-term relationship with the actor.

“Brian has changed my life and I changed his. I know, that is such a cliché. It’s very Hollywood,” she said.

Source: Yahoo OMG!

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