Megan Fox: I play Bublé to baby

Megan Fox has been soothing her baby by playing him Michael Bublé Christmas songs.

The actress and her husband Brian Austin Green welcomed their son Noah into the world at the end of September. They are looking forward to celebrating the tot’s first holiday season, with Megan explaining he is already a fan of festive tunes.

“I like Michael Bublé’s Christmas album – I know that’s cheesy,” Megan laughed to Us Weekly.

“My baby likes him too so we’re into that – he’s a smooth crooner.”

Megan is promoting her latest movie This Is 40 at the moment, which is a comedy directed by Judd Apatow. She has explained becoming a parent has already impacted her, as she is going to think carefully before taking certain rules in future.

The 26-year-old fears Noah might be teased when he is older if she flashes too much flesh on screen.

For now, the star is looking forward to being with her son when he reaches his milestones. She has experience of parenting having helped Brian raise ten-year-old Kassius, his son with ex-partner Vanessa Marcil.

“He’s getting to that place where he’s smiling and he’s almost ready to laugh, and I can’t wait for that baby laugh that almost makes you feel like you can fly, like your heart’s going to explode,” Megan recently gushed.

Source: 3 News

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