Megan Fox has a shoe fetish

Actress Megan Fox is crazy about shoes and has revealed that she accepted a role in flop horror film Jennifer’s Body because the screenwriter Diablo Cody wore ‘stripper shoes’.

“She was really shy and really nice and she had on these six-inch pair of clear high heels, like the kind that strippers wear. I loved that in Hollywood she was walking around in stripper shoes. It’s what swayed me to do the movie,” quoted Fox as saying.

Oscar-winning writer Diablo has previously admitted to a past life as a stripper, and has even written a book based on her experiences.

Jennifer’s Body did not set the box office on fire, but Fox won praise at the Spike TV Scream 2009 Awards in Hollywood on Saturday and bagged the prize for best sci-fi actress for her role in Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen.

Source: Sify

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