Megan Fox Grows Fangs in ‘Jennifer’s Body’‎

Megan Fox of ‘Transformers’ fame is hitting the big screen for the second time this summer, this time as a man-eating high school cheerleader.

Her latest flick is a horror film titled ‘Jennifer’s Body,’ in which she plays Jennifer Check. Fox describes her character as, “that narcissistic, selfish, self-obsessed girl that everyone knows in high school.”

Longtime friend Needy, played by Amanda Seyfried, joins Jennifer at a local rock concert in their hometown of Devil’s Kettle. In a ritual, the band sacrifices Jennifer to ensure their success in the music business. However, they were supposed to sacrifice a virgin, which Jennifer is not. This causes a demon to overtake Jennifer’s body and she begins to eat her male high school classmates.

Needy takes it upon herself to protect the community from Jennifer’s zombie-like being. Seyfriend says, “What drew me to the role of Needy because she’s a heroine. She’s a protagonist and yet she’s not glamorous or totally figured out.”

Oscar-winning writer Diablo Cody (‘Juno’), who also served as executive producer, says of casting Megan for the lead role, “Mason Novick knew immediately that Megan was Jennifer,” adding, “…she’s such an exciting young actress and everybody is so psyched about her.”

‘Jennifer’s Body’ hits theaters everywhere on September 18. Watch the video for scenes from the movie and interviews with the stars.

Source: ET

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