Megan Fox Drives Nerds Wild Worldwide with ‘Lord of the Rings’ Talk

Megan Fox is known for her provocative interview comments. Now, she’s turning up the heat in the nerd community by showing a true knowledge of ‘The Lord of the Rings.’

The ‘Jonah Hex’ hottie, an avowed comic book fan, gave an off-the-cuff explanation of how you can never please hardcore comic book and Tolkien purists. More importantly, it showed she speaks nerd fluently.

“I’m a ‘Lord of the Rings’ fan. And I’ll go on the forums,” Fox said at the ‘Jonah Hex’ press day. “And they’ll complain that Frodo is eating the Lembas bread outside of Mordor instead of the in the Mines of Moria. And they get really mad.”

“You cannot focus completely on pleasing them because you’ll never win,” Fox continued. “They’ll never be happy no matter what you do.”

“Peter Jackson and company won like 30 something Oscars for those movies,” she added, defending movie license. Well, to be exact, the trilogy won 17 Oscars. But you had us at Lembas, Megan.

Nerd cred has never been hotter. It doesn’t matter that she seems to be engaged. Nerds can still dream.

No movie nerds fainted during the explanation, but there were some impressed looks all around. Even co-star Josh Brolin was stunned into a rare silence before he finally uttered the one word that summed the scene up: “Cool.”

Fox plays a prostitute with a heart of gold who stands by Hex through thick and thin — and shows off a very thin waistline. Discussing her movie corset might have finished off any nerds still standing in the room.

“I loved the corset,” she said. “Everyone thought I was in pain or hurting or something was wrong with me because my waist was so small. But I enjoyed it. And I wish they would come back into style.”

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