Megan Fox Didn’t Invite Her Own Mom To Her Wedding

Actress Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green may be in marital bliss right now, but we think that it’s definitely going to be short-lived. According to reports, Megan Fox’s own mom didn’t find out about her wedding until we did. That’s right – Darlene read about Megan Fox’s wedding in the press:

“If there was a wedding I wasn’t there – but that’s Megan all right. She would have wanted something low-key. She’d sneak off somewhere and surprise everybody later. If it’s true they’re married I’d be a happy mama.”

WOW! If Megan Fox’s mom is like anybody’s mom that we know, she’s putting up a good front for the papers, but is planning on laying the guilt trip SUPER THICK before the end of the week. There’s no way Brian Austin Green is going to be able to live this down in her eyes.

Source: Dime Wars

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